Getting Juiced About Honduras

This post is long in the making.  As I sit here drinking my breakfast of apple, pear, celery, and ginger juice I want to make two quick statements: we are going to Honduras for our next post, and I’m grateful to my friend for getting me the most awesome wedding gift, a juicer!  The Breville Juicer (no this isn’t an advertisement) is awesome!  Thank you to an unnamed friend in Seattle who hooked me up.  It will be making the journey with us to our next posting in Honduras.

Martha Stewart’s classic herb drink.

Juicing, as we in the know call it, is not about injecting your body with illegal substances, it’s about hitting the produce section for some incredible fruits and veggies to stuff in the juicer back home and see what you get.  So far I have been successful 80% of the time.  Four out of five of my juicing attempts have been awesome.  There was that one with herbs Martha Stewart showed me (thanks to my wife), two from the Breville manual, and then the two that I made on my own.  One of my experiments failed miserably.  The take away, don’t use too much celery.  It’s good for you, but not so delicious as the main ingredient.  I had to stick in a bunch of fresh ginger (other juicers will know that it only takes a hint of ginger for it to be overpowering) to hide the taste, and it still sat in my fridge unconsumed for three days.  Regardless, juicing rocks, and if you want to scare your children on halloween, try juicing a beet!

Honduras is our next diplomatic destination.  We actually found this out a while ago, but I thought a formal announcement was due.  We are excited to say the least.  TEGUCIGALPA – yes, that is the name of the capital.  I hear it goes by Tegu for short.  Green forests and jungles will be a nice change of pace from the shades of tan we have gotten used to in the Persian Gulf states we live in now.  What do we know about Honduras so far?  Not much, but we are learning quickly.  There will be a hardship differential and I have begun texting my wife “Hola!” in the morning.  Baby steps.

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7 thoughts on “Getting Juiced About Honduras

  1. Natasha says:

    How exciting! We are heading to El Salvador for our first post soon, so we’ll be neighbors (ish). One of your future RSOs was in my Spanish class at FSI.

    • lastacronym says:

      Very cool about El Salvador! We have friends headed to El Salvador as well. Small Central American world. Congrats on finishing Spanish. How was it? Did you have any before you started?

      • Natasha says:

        Spanish at FSI was great. I was only there for 8 weeks, which I think is enough time to learn a lot but not enough to get tired of it. I had gotten about halfway through level 3 of Rosetta Stone before starting at FSI, and that was the extent of my Spanish background!

  2. Amy Pratt says:

    Felicidados amigos. Hope I spelled that right. A bit envious.

  3. AC Clark says:

    if you don’t have your PADI diving certificate, you should remedy that asap — before you go, or asap when you get there!

  4. […] As diplomats we are given the chance to learn languages as rare and unknown as Quechua and as common as French.  This opportunity is at once a rare luxury and a humbling mind warp.  More than two years ago, when I finished studying Arabic and headed off for the Persian Gulf to serve in Bahrain, I thought that most likely I would head to another Arabic or English-designated posting for my second tour, but I fortunate enough to receive Spanish training for my consular assignment to Honduras. […]

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