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Study Suggests Serious State Staffing Shortages Start to Show

All alliteration aside, this is an important issue.  There was a great article in Foreign Policy about the staffing challenges the Foreign Service has and will have in the near future, especially at the midlevel.  I want to take a minute to examine this from the level of the individual.  Many Foreign Service Officers have and will rave about the opportunities that this shortfall presents, and yes some will excel despite being relatively junior in the foreign service, perhaps only serving two or three tours, as the head of a section in a small or medium-sized embassy.  However, the individuals that generally perform well in any organization, capable of managing in numbers, and most importantly, able to manage up, are those that bring previous managerial experience to their jobs.  So, despite the fact that opportunities abound and the dreams of becoming Ambassador in less than 20 years just may come true, the reality is that there is great risk to one’s psyche, health, and to the greater U.S. mission abroad, to have individuals thrust into managerial positions of great responsibility before they are prepared to make the leap.  Continue reading

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