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There’s Something Different About This House

With a view like this how could anyone complain?

It has been quite a while since I last posted and intended on doing so the past two weekends, but time and energy have been in short supply as of late.  But another problem has plagued me as well: what should I write about that I (and others) might find interesting beyond 2012 (assuming we make it past the Mayan calendar end date).  This blog’s purpose is in part to entertain (when possible) and in part to inform and finally yesterday, I finally decided on something that might be interesting years from now: how my living quarters in Bahrain differs from what we have come appreciate (or take for granted) back home in the States.

On the surface my apartment is not dramatically different than an apartment one would find in any large city across the U.S.  It sits comfortably on the fourth floor of my seven story building and has a nice balcony.  There are doors with locks that make sense, a kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a dining room.  The furniture provided by the embassy is all pretty standard, and despite being a bit outdated (design name = modern colonial), it is perfectly acceptable.  But, that is about where the similarities stop and the differences begin.

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Dilmun the Great, Friend of the Servant

“Dili” Dilmun Decker Kadkhodai

Dili, short for Dilmun Decker Kadkhodai, is the most awesome cat around.  Despite all the bogus harassment guys get for liking cats, I am proud to say that our cat is a great friend.  No, change that, he is a great ruler of his domain.  His name derives from where he’s from.  Dilmun is the name of the ancient trading civilization that included the island of Bahrain (and is also part of the Epic of Gilgamesh).  We figured it was as appropriate a name as any for our little guy, seeing as he was found nestled with his brothers and sisters under a water tank behind my former home in the Lari Park housing compound the Shi’a village of Barbar, which is also home to the 5000-year-old Barbar Temple of the Dilmun era.  It was no easy feat to catch Dili, the strongest and most curious of the litter.  It required a trash can top, a laundry net, some string, and dry cat food bait.  As if sensing his destiny was grander than the dumpster-diving street cats that make up the rest of his tribe, he risked everything allowing himself to be trapped by his future servant.   Continue reading

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