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Olympic Obsession


I love the Olympics! My TV has displayed the games everyday since they began with arguably the most eccentric and amazing opening ceremony imaginable from the mind that brought us Trainspotting. They play in the background until some sport grabs me and I watch intently for the next few hours getting caught up in the commentary, wondering how I have not always been an avid fan of sailing or taekwondo. I caught every second of Usain Bolt’s 100 meter qualifying and victory, and most of the 200. The women’s heptathlon and men’s decathlon became two of my new favorite events, which begs the question: why we don’t bring back the Ancient Olympic pentathlon with the triagmos of long jump, javelin throw, and discus, along with a stadion foot race, and grand finale of a wrestling to decide the final victor?!? ┬áLeBron James dunked on a seven foot Chinese guy and we dunked on the Chinese in the medal count, finally after trailing them for most of the Olympics. And who can deny that Michael Phelps has enough gold to be a Bond villain. Continue reading

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