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Wives Who Watch Star Wars are Better


Now that the Olympics are over, it is time to refocus my attention for entertainment elsewhere.  Being abroad in the foreign service gives you ample time to forget most of the popular culture references you learned in the U.S., meanwhile providing the opportunity to never learn the latest that come to pass. However, I couldn’t let that happen, it’s just not my style. Unfortunately, I have learned, mostly from newly arriving colleagues, that it was becoming my style. I could do as some of my colleagues (including military guys) do and read Us, People, and Entertainment Weekly to keep up, but again, that’s just not my style. I’ve turned to relearning what I have forgotten and becoming a fan of new TV shows, movies, and music to try and keep myself somewhat in the know. Continue reading

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The Monkey Suit

Does that tie even match?

We joke at work about having to don the “monkey suit” for work each day.  The uniform of a modern diplomat consists of a suit and tie for most.  There is legend of a few political officers in steamy tropical regions wearing slacks and polos and sipping cocktails on an embassy porches overlooking a white sand beaches.  I’ve even heard that suits may not always be required in some sections at my next Post, but here in Bahrain, they are standard.  So, each morning I go through the routine of figuring out if my tie matches my shirt or if I have remembered to match my shoes with my belt (if I remembered to wear a belt that day). Continue reading

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