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Reflections on a First Tour

I’m nearly done here.  It’s time to move on.  My replacement has arrived and she is learning to take over my responsibilities.  This is the nature of this business; you move to a place, finally settle down and begin to understand what motivates the people that live there, and then it is time to say goodbye.  As the days begin to pass more quickly and my colleagues begin positioning themselves to manage our office’s responsibilities without me, I find myself clinging to relevance.  A relevance that is likely imagined, but seemed real every once in a while.  I realize now that I am in no hurry to relinquish my life as a Political Officer in Bahrain, but I know that is exactly what is happening, whether I like it or not.

Bahrain Fort @ magic hour

Bahrain Fort @ magic hour

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Getting Juiced About Honduras

This post is long in the making.  As I sit here drinking my breakfast of apple, pear, celery, and ginger juice I want to make two quick statements: we are going to Honduras for our next post, and I’m grateful to my friend for getting me the most awesome wedding gift, a juicer!  The Breville Juicer (no this isn’t an advertisement) is awesome!  Thank you to an unnamed friend in Seattle who hooked me up.  It will be making the journey with us to our next posting in Honduras.

Martha Stewart’s classic herb drink.

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Peace Out Man

I met my colleague back in March 2010, when we were both just arriving at Foreign Service Officer School (i.e. Foreign Service Institute‘s A-100 Class).

Not many weeks later we both learned that we would be headed to the same posting in Manama, Bahrain, except that he was scheduled to head there many months before I would arrive.  It was not his top choice.  Regardless, he trailblazed a path for me to follow and set up shop in my future office.  Actually, I should say, our office.  We have shared probably one of the nicest offices available in the Embassy, the only one I know that has two couches in it, with a great view of Tubli Bay (easily the smelliest spot in Bahrain).  Well this post is a homage to my friend who will depart on Thursday to head back to the greener grass for training.  Here a few things I’ll miss (roast): Continue reading

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Just Another Journal

This is, I guess, just another journal.  I find that I’m incapable of forcing myself to write in a little book about the happenings of my life, even though it’s likely that I’ll want to remember these heady days when I’m old, crabby, and trying to recapture the glory of an earlier life.  So, what better way to save some of these images, thoughts, and experiences than by blogging about them for all to see… Well, I know, it’s a bit exhibitionist, but I guess it will open a window into my life for my family and friends who are at least vaguely interested in what a cookie-pusher does.

Ancient and modern, Bahrain is full of contradictions.

So, here I begin, somewhat appropriately, nearing the end of my first tour as a diplomat in Bahrain, a country so full of contradictions, history, and promise, with enough personal experience to begin to have something to say.

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